Paint Pouring supplies

Paint Pouring Supplies to create Beautiful Organic art

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The things you need for Acrylic Pouring


Rubbing alcohol 91%, Alcohol inks, Pebeo special effects paints, Golden Paints, 

The Things You Need For Resin Pouring

*Pouring/casting resin (Envirotex Lite and Art Resin are two popular kinds)

*Rubbing alcohol (91%) -for clean up

*Nitrile gloves

*Plastic disposable cups

*Popsicle sticks or plastic knives to stir your colours

*Silicon spatula to stir your resin

*Parchment paper or some kind of cover for your workspace

a shower curtain liner

*Small butane torch and canister of butane

*Apron or some sort of protection for your clothes-resin does not come off. 


*Alcohol inks/acrylic inks

*Pigment powders

*Acrylic paint

*Pebeo effect paints 


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